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Ancient Pre-Celtic/Nordic Healing




Traditional Healer

‘Sometimes the most ecstatic, blissful, beautiful, rapturous experience of creation that some people can have is the release and freeing of extreme pain and to feel normal again.  When we feel normal again we can realise that the divine has been and is there all the time!!’ 


Ger Lyons


All that does not Serve You


To yourself, others & Nature


Your Power & Gifts


Come join Heidi in these deeply sacred and transformational healing events where she will guide you on a mystical journey to your true self.  Heidi has steeped herself in this ancient spiritual tradition from Ireland for many years.  She combines it with her ancestral pagan tradition rooted in the old ways of ‘The Craft’.  Pre-celtic healing transmissions, invocation, music and an ancient form of deep transformational prayer provide a safe and sacred space to release, heal and transform old ways of being and reawaken your true nature. 

Core & Cellular Transformational Healing
Ancient Invocation
Sacred Healing Energies
Active, Living, Mystic Prayer



Often we carry trauma, trapped emotion and pain. 

We suffer from illness and find ourselves in unhealthy relationships, blocked or stuck in toxic patterns that hold us back from what our soul has come here to experience. 


Through mystic invocation a sacred healing transmission and a deeper intelligence pours through us to clean, purify and regenerate the core cellular and soul memory where these are held at their root origin.  When we release that which does not serve us we become lighter, more fulfilled and open up to the limitless potential of our true expression!  When we surrender to the unknown anything is possible!

In modern life we can often feel a lack of real, deep connection to our true sense of self, to our community and to ‘Great Spirit’ or nature.  This healing work melts away the veils of illusion that keep us separate and reawakens our own deep connection to nature or universal intelligence and the power and gifts that each one of us carries inside.  Join me and journey back to your truest, highest self and that powerful spring well of wisdom and medicine inside of you. 


Dive into an exciting exploration and discovery of who you are!



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Energetic, Telepathic Process.
Deeper Listening  Mysticism & Transformation

Core & Cellular Transformational healing is a unique and powerful form of healing from Ireland rooted in the ancient ways of a druidic and pre-celtic spiritual tradition dating back 4000 years. 

It is an energetic, telepathic process of a deeper listening, mysticism and transformation. 

A very sacred and potent healing transmission pours through to clean, purify and regenerate the core cellular and soul memory where trauma and disease is stored at it’s origins.  This happens in the most appropriate way and in divine order for each one of us.  Through this high healing transmission; invocation; and active, living, mystic prayer or incantations; we can permanently unravel, release and transmute stagnant, dead energy; old configurations of illness and disease; trauma; trapped emotion; pain; fears; blockages; negative beliefs and mindsets; and patterning and programming that does not serve us anymore.  Each healing workshop becomes a microcosm of our own lives going deep into anything we carry that is not of love and growth, anywhere we are out of alignment, it exposes, illuminates, unravels, roots out and permanently releases all these mistruths of who we are.  

‘Allow the fires of transformation to burn away all that doesn’t serve you’ 

Heather Ash Amara


We Exist as Nature, We are Nature Itself!

In this healing process we realise that we exist as nature, that we are nature itself.  We learn to communicate with our own internal nature and the deeper sense of who we are.  If our own internal nature is not in its truest and fullest expression this can present challenges in our lives.  Often modern life can draw us in the opposite direction to our own internal rhythm but through this work we experience a coming back to the power and medicine that we carry inside.  We may experience feelings of being lost and disconnected in life, but in a deeper listening we realise that nothing has ever been lost and that all the ancient medicine practices are still alive in our blood and in our bones!

We realise that we have a deep connection with our ancestors.  Through this sacred work we can heal trauma, pain and illness which we carry from our ancestors which may be manifesting in our lives.  We can heal our ancestors as well as our descendants spreading out into our wider community.  We can also unlock hidden wisdom and gifts we carry from all those who have gone before us awakening our ancient selves and our ancestral traditions. 

‘There was a dawn I remember when my soul heard something from your soul.  I drank water from your spring and felt the current take me’ 



Journey Back to the Spring Well Inside of You

We realise that these old ways of bringing through powerful healing energy to transmute challenges and disease are still alive and can be transmitted and absorbed like our ancient ancestors did.  Everyone has a powerful waterfall, a limitless supply of wisdom and medicine inside of them.  Through this work we journey back to the spring well inside of us.  Through the active, living, mystic invocation we plug directly into source and experience our own sovereign connection and communication with ‘great spirit’ or nature. 


Through this connection we dissolve and completely release the veils of illusion that keep us separate from our highest expression, power and gifts.  When we awaken to these truths and the wisdom inside of us everything begins to align, our lives become lighter, more fulfilled and we open up to the limitless potential of our highest self!


Group Process

Traditionally done as a group this process of healing is very rapid and powerful as we all have our own expression as part of the group but we also find a reflection of other aspects of ourselves when we deeply listen to and communicate with other people.  Within the group we learn how to relate to others in a healthy way.  Through deeply listening to each other we further deepen our internal nature, support each other and create a bonding and a belonging within a community or tribe.


Come join Heidi and delve into the mystery of this ancient spiritual tradition.  Heal, transform and deeply listen to your whole being, the wisdom of the ancients and nature herself!  Turn your pain into love and deepen and awaken to the true, divine and best possible version of yourself!

What People Say

"The workshop Heidi facilitated last weekend was profound and truly transformative at my core.  Heidi creates a very sacred, safe space and uses a powerful process to release stuck emotional energy from past experiences and memories in order to heal and let go of all that no longer serves you!  

I highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a genuine, gentle but powerful way to transform healing.  Thank you beautiful soul."

Louise Keramaris

About Heidi

  • International Healer

  • Facilitated group healing events for 6 years

  • Trained for 13 years & initiated into this 4000 year old tradition from Ireland

Transformational Healing Offerings

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