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'The workshop Heidi facilitated last weekend was profound and truly transformative at my core.  Heidi creates a very sacred, safe space and uses a powerful process to release stuck emotional energy from past experiences and memories in order to heal and let go of all that no longer serves you!  

The healing gatherings provide me with an opportunity to release emotional triggers in my life.  Having a weekly focused outlet enables me to continue to connect with spirit.  Following my transformation in healing workshops I feel lighter in myself both emotionally and spiritually, I noted many synchronistic signs confirming my life path and also connected with new people that in turn have helped me as I have assisted them on their journey.  Specifically I am more in touch with my spiritual guides and inner compass and my intuition is stronger.  The joy and bliss in my life has escalated as well.

It is an experience like no other!  It is one that will help you to release trauma from your DNA to strengthen and activate your unique talents and gifts.  It will help you forge stronger relationships with loved ones and be the person you are destined to become.  I highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a genuine, gentle but powerful way to transform healing.'

Louise Keramaris

‘It was the most transformative experience I have had to date. How grateful that I am to have been invited as the process that Heidi takes you through is gentle but powerful. What I shifted that no longer served me has freed me to move forward in my life to create more abundance, more joy, more happiness' 


'Heidi's Pre-celtic Healing groups are something you must try!  I have always known the power of music to stir us and to heal.  I have known that great spirits who have walked this earth can assist our healing and that prayers can invoke miracles.  Heidi brings all this together in a sacred and deeply transformative way.

I have re-experienced my birth memory and cleared huge trauma in one of Heidi's group sessions, surrounded by the support of the group.  The story was healed and changed forever in my psyche.  I even experienced physical healing in my body after that session... truly remarkable.  I can only imagine the power of a one-on-one session also brings. I can't wait to try this next.'


‘Heidi is a gifted Healer. Her deep insights kindness and compassion definitely have the power to assist a Souls journey of Transformation. I am really looking forward to sitting in circle with her again.  Thank you Heidi’

Suzy Beach

‘Very calming. Welcoming group. Great teacher who is very open and accepting. Well worth giving a try.'


‘I have participated in a number of Heidi’s Transformational Healings and I am always astounded at what comes up for me during the session.  Heidi is amazing at what she does.  You won’t be disappointed.’


Helen Forster

'The Healing Session I had with Heidi was deeply healing and transformational.  It was unique and something I had not experienced before. Heidi has an ancient wisdom and healing gifts that she brings through in her work and anyone who has a chance to experience this powerful transformational healing work will greatly benefit from it.  Thank you Heidi you are an inspiring and beautiful soul walking your authentic path helping and healing others.'


'Heidi came to my healing studio and facilitated some transformational healing gatherings with my clients, which I also participated in. I was amazed to have a heightened awareness of spiritual intervention/guidance before, during and after the gathering. I also observed some cathartic healing processes taking place with the people in the group. The group was perfectly aligned to hold a nurturing, non-bias space for people to release whatever was no longer serving them and holding them back. I definitely recommend Heidi.'

Andrea Fortune 

'Great session, it lifted so much heaviness out of my soul.  I felt so much lighter and brighter, I totally recommend this work and Heidi as a healer and facilitator.  Thank you so much.'

Jane Jackson

'The workshop Heidi Williams facilitated last weekend was profound.  Heidi uses a powerful process to help release stuck emotional energy from past experiences and memories.  I highly recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a genuine, gentle but powerful way to transform healing.  Thank you beautiful soul.'


I really enjoyed my session with Heidi and felt like a lot of stagnant energy lifted during the session. I look forward to another one in future.

Emily Culican

The healing with Heidi was something totally different than I expected. But after a few days I felt the shift within me. I am feeling lighter and more confident. Thank you Heidi. I know I'll be back for next session with you soon.

Irena Bailey

I had a wonderful and profound experience with Heidi. she really knows to bring in the right energy and makes you feel safe and loved. I will be continuing this work as it really helped me move into a different space.  Thank you Heidi.

Frances Lennon

This is where my path to Ancient Pre-Celtic Healing begun.  I can still remember my heart breaking like it would explode into 1000 pieces!  Great workshops. Heidi is a beautiful soul with an open heart.  Many people are not familiar with this healing work, it is extremely strong, natural and it goes into the cells where even the microscope cannot look.  I am so grateful that you appeared on my path for support, discovering my emotional barriers, having realizations and for sharing this knowledge with us.


Brigita Lešnjak

I welcome and am grateful for your testimonials, feedback and comments, if you would like to share your experience of this healing work to help others please send them via my Contact page

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