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workshop guidelines


Just like in ancient times when sacred ceremonies were held in our stone circles a code of conduct is in place in this work to keep things as clean and clear as possible and to honour and respect each person, the divine transmission and healing entities that come through.  The guidelines are present so that each person can get the most benefit and the highest healing and transformation in the time available.



This is an accumulative process, the more you sit in and absorb the healing transmissions, the deeper you go.  In the workshops we go deeper each day as the energy builds.  For this reason, Heidi recommends that you attend an entire workshop/session and attend the weekly gatherings on a regular basis to gain the most benefit.  Emotions and sensations may present as part of the process deepening and it is important to follow these through to the final stage of release. 


Sacred space is consciously created at the beginning of each Healing Workshop.  This is a dedicated space with divine presence for the intention of healing and transformation.  Music of high spiritual resonance will be played at the start as the space is created.  This is a very important part of the process as the healing transmission is already pouring through so please relax. 



It is essential that only one person speaks at a time during the process and that their process is not interrupted.  This is an energetic and telepathic process of a deeper listening and high sensitivity so silence needs to be maintained as each persons speaks.



Please do not give any advice, comment or suggestion about anyone else’s process during the workshop as this can put a projection over that person and stop the release.  Keep to your own process.



Do not touch or hug anyone who is in a cathartic process as people can be very energetically open and sensitive in this process any touch can shock them and stop the release.


It is essential to not mention anyone else’s personal process outside of the workshop in order to ensure that the workshop remains a sacred, respectful and safe space.



To allow purification to take place please do not consume any alcohol, recreational drugs, pork or hot spicy food at any time during a workshop or just before/after as this can make you sick and sabotage the healing process.  This includes microdosing of any psychedelic substance or recreational drug (even if the dose is so small that you do not notice any mind altering effect).





Heidi will work with any illness or condition and everyone is welcome to this healing work, however, there are some exceptions.  Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material expressed in the workshops the group workshops are for over 18 year olds only.  However, Heidi does offer individual healings for those under 18 years old. 


If you have been diagnosed with any serious or severe mental illness or disorder such as schizophrenia, psychosis, delusions, or experience mental instability due to recreational drug use please let Heidi know before proceeding and she will advise on an individual basis.  Due to the intensity and transformational expansion of this work your condition may be contra-indicated.

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